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About me

Welcome to Go to Gate 50, a moderately insightful guide to the world and its peculiar inhabitants. Please feel free to subscribe; it might be the most foolish thing you do all day.

Upcoming Trips

Transatlantic Cruise – 28th October to 11th November
3 Caribbean Cruises – 18th November to 21st December
Australia for New Year, NZ & Asia – 27th December to 14th April
Northern Europe (with the chaps) – 18th May to 25th May
British Isles Cruise – 15th to 28th June

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Labadee, Haiti

Labadee, Haiti

Can I count Haiti as a country visited if I’ve only visited the private resort peninsula of Labadee owned by…

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ranking my cruises in order of enjoyment this one would be last with Britannia in August second last. Both were…

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St Thomas, USVI

I’ve managed to keep up my early morning walking regime on the top deck where I’m normally the first to…

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