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About me

Welcome to Go to Gate 50, a moderately insightful guide to the world and its peculiar inhabitants. Please feel free to subscribe; it might be the most foolish thing you do all day.

Upcoming Trips

Cycling Vietnam: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City – March 8th to 28th 2018
USA: Washington DC and the Outer Banks – 31st March – 14th April 2018
Sailing in Croatia: Split – 19th – 26th May 2018
Transatlantic Cruise: Southampton to Fort Lauderdale – 28th October to 11th November

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Back To Blighty

Back to Blighty

I awoke alarmingly early on the final day and was still perplexed by the lack of tartar sauce served with…

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Strasbourg To Reims

Strasbourg to Reims

I left the hotel with a heavy bag around my shoulder and schlepped to the car park a few hundred…

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Liechtenstein To Strasbourg

Liechtenstein to Strasbourg

I spent time in four different countries on Tuesday - Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and France and didn’t pay one toll.…

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