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Since I began taking traveling seriously, there are a number of websites that I’ve come across which could be classified as “useful” for box-tickers everywhere.

The Travelers Century Club

As the name suggests this is a club one can join if, and only if (be honest now) you’ve been to at least 100 countries and territories of the 325 listed on their website. I haven’t.

The club was founded in Los Angeles in 1954 and now has over 2,000 members. There’s an interesting history on the website. They charge for mebership however it is run like a club and there are various events you can attend. I actually attended a talk about the TCC whilst on a cruise across the Pacific.

Most Traveled People

Another website for show-offs along the same lines as the TCC only this time with 875 places listed (325 obviously wasn’t enough). This site is a little more interactive in that you can add the places you’ve been to and it will give you a run-down by continent however the personal statistics are lacking somewhat in percentages and pie-charts. The “choosing” of the 875 seems a little random inasmuch as all 26 cantons are listed for Switzerland yet only a fraction of the French departments are listed and as for the UK well they ignore the counties altogether! Russia (Asian and European) has a total of 85 places listed (like anyone wants to go to 85 places in Russia) which means that a Russian traveling salesmen (Igor) could have been to 10% of the world and never left mother Russia.

MTP began in 2004 and now they boast over 12,000 members with men outnumbering women 3 to 1 (no surprise there) and the USA the most highly represented (still no surprises). The second most represented country is Finland (a surprise at last) with the UK third (back to unsurprising). FREE to join!