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About me

Welcome to Go to Gate 50, a moderately insightful guide to the world and its peculiar inhabitants. Please feel free to subscribe; it might be the most foolish thing you do all day.

Upcoming Trips

Atlanta, Georgia – March 7th to May 11th
Windstar Caribbean Cruise – March 15th to 24th
Outer Banks, NC – March 29th to April 6th
Northern Europe Cruise – May 18th to 25th
Antigua – July 27th to August 10th

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Latest Travel Posts

Hilton Head Island

After 11 days driving around 6 states writing part one of my book,…

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Back in the ddDR

They don’t know how lucky they are.. Lucky because whilst many parts of…

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DR “con” Dianna

Dianna arrived on Thursday the 29th on an American Airlines flight from Miami.…

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