Although I had a vague mental list of places I wanted to visit, I had never written them down in any kind of format…until now. It was an interesting exercise indeed and the list keeps on growing.

Been there, done that…

Acropolis, Greece
Airboat in the Everglades, USA
Alhambra, Spain
Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
American Cemetery, France
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Arches National Park, USA
Baseball Game
Big Ben, England
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Blue Mosque, Turkey
Bondi Beach, Australia
Bonneville Salt Flats, USA
Bridge of Sighs, Italy
Burj al Arab, UAE
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
Colosseum, Italy
Corinth Canal, Greece
Cross the Pacific
Cusco, Peru
Death Valley, USA
Disney World, USA
Disneyland Paris
Disneyland, USA
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Eiffel Tower, France
Empire State Building, USA
Epcot Centre, USA
Falkland Islands, UK
Flam Railway, Norway
Gibraltar, UK
Golden Gate Bridge, USA
Gondola in Venice, Italy
Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Havana, Cuba
Herculeneum, Italy
Hollywood Sign, USA
Hoover Dam, USA
Isle of Skye, Scotland
Joshua Tree NP, USA
Land of the Midnight Sun
Las Vegas, USA
Learn to Sail
Learn to Scuba Dive
London Eye, England
Louvre, Paris
Machu Picchu, Peru
Maho Beach, Sint Maarten
Mont St Michel, France
North Cape, Norway
Norwegian Fjords, Norway
Notre Dame, France
Olympic Games (L.A. 1984)
Opera in Verona, Italy
Panama Canal
Pantheon, Italy
Pearl Harbor, USA
Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong
Petra, Jordan
Petronas Towers, Malaysia
Pitons, Saint Lucia
Raffles, Singapore
Rialto Bridge, Italy
Sail Round Cape Horn
Shard, England
Sistine Chapel, Vatican
Sky Tower, Auckland
St Paul’s Cathedral, Endland
St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican
Stonehenge, England
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
Sydney Opera House, Australia
The Grand Canyon, USA
Times Square, USA
Tower Bridge, England
Trafalgar Square, England
Trevi Fountain, Italy
Twin Towers, USA
Waikiki Beach, USA
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
White House, USA
Williamsburg, USA
Wimbledon Final, England
Yellowstone Park, USA
Yosemite, USA

Not been there, not done that…yet

Aswan Dam, Egypt
Auschwitz, Poland
Banff National Park, Canada
Base Camp, Nepal
Berlin Wall, Germany
Blarney Castle, Ireland
Blue Train, South Africa
Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Brandenburg Gate, Germany
Bridge on the River Kwai, Thailand
British Museum, England
Brooklyn Bridge, USA
Bryce Canyon, USA
Buckingham Palace, England
Bullet Train, Japan
Burj Khalifa, UAE
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Carlsbad Caverns, USA
Chanteau Fontenac, Canada
CN Tower, Canada
Cross the Atlantic
Danube Cruise
Dead Sea, Israel
Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica
Duomo, Italy
Easter Island, Chile
Eastern Orient Express
Forbidden City, China
Four Corners Monument, USA
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Ganges, India
Gateway Arch
George V Hotel, France
Ghan, Australia
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
Glacier Bay, USA
Great Wall of China
Guggenheim Museum, USA
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Hermitage Museum, Russia
Hot Air Balloon
Iguacu Falls, Argentina
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Komodo Island, Indonesia
Kremlin, Russia
La Tomatina, Spain
Lake Baikal, Russia
Lake Titicaca, Peru
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Linderhof Palace, Germany
Little Mermaid, Denmark
Manneken Pis, Belgium
Masada, Israel
Masters in Augusta, USA
Mekong, Vietnam
Monaco Grand Prix
Monument Valley, USA
Mount Rushmore, USA
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
NFL Game
Niagara Falls, USA
Nile Cruise, Egypt
North Pole
Northern Lights
Oktoberfest, Germany
Orient Express
Palace of Versailles, France
Pompeii, Italy
Prado, Spain
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Red Fort, India
Red Square, Russia
Rocky Mountaineer, Canada
Running of the Bulls, Spain
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Sears Tower, USA
Serengeti, Tanzania
Smithsonian, USA
Space Needle, USA
Sphinx, Egypt
St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia
Statue of Liberty, USA
Suez Canal, Egypt
Swim with Sharks
Table Mountain, South Africa
Taj Mahal, India
Terracotta Army, China
Trans-Siberian Railway
Uluru, Australia
Up Helly Aa, Shetland Islands
USA Coast to Coast
US Open Tennis, USA
Valley of the Kings, Egypt
Vesuvius, Italy
Victoria Falls
Yangste, China
Zanzibar, Tanzania