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Tokyo-Taiwan Cruise

After boarding the Cunard Queen Elizabeth I met with Georgia in the rather splendid, Garden Lounge. It was fabulous to see her. Being a paying passenger, she’s allowed to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with me, if shifts allow. Georgia…

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This was my first flight on Japan’s flagship carrier Japan Airlines (JAL), and it was rather pleasant indeed. I was seated in 1K for a 14 hour flight to Tokyo - the longest flight I’ve ever taken. Anyway, I needed…

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Cyprus & Rhodes

Wednesday 1st - Cyprus Another splendid day weather-wise. Not a cloud in the sky, reaching a high of 76°. We had travelled 170 miles from Israel to Limassol in Cyprus. I had developed a cold in the last few days…

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Jordan & Egypt

On Wednesday we reached the Jordanian city of Aqaba at the northern end of the gulf of Aqaba. From the ship we could see across the gulf to Eilat in Israel and then Egypt a little further south. Israel only…

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Dubai to Oman

Monday 13th I had cruised overnight from Dubai to Abu Dhabi with MSC, and now I was getting a taxi back to Dubai to board a Norwegian (NCL) ship. It’s only 90 minutes away but my hapless driver made it…

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Four Sea Days

We now had four sea days heading south along the coast of Yemen before making a sharp right at the Horn of Africa (Somalia). Then heading northwest past Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt towards Jordan. This is the…

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