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Four Sea Days

We now had four sea days heading south along the coast of Yemen before making a sharp right at the Horn of Africa (Somalia). Then heading northwest past Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt towards Jordan. This is the…

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Wow! My only previous trip to Dubai was 20 years ago when Katy and I stopped on the way back from the Maldives. She didn’t like it much because they treated women as second-class citizens. You can imagine how that…

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Oh man!

Thursday 9th This was my first trip to Oman and we arrived at Port Qaboos in the capital, Muscat, nice and early. My unplanned late night in the casino meant that I missed the sail in. Completely unplanned you understand.…

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Abu Dhabi Cruise

Well, the airport experience was rather acceptable although Heathrow’s terminal 4 did feel like I was in a different country. A lot of international flights not involving “caucasians” is all I can say. This was my first flight on Etihad,…

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