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Naples to Barcelona

Friday – Naples

The weather wasn’t as clement as I would have chosen for a jaunt to the romantic island of Capri, so I decided to look around Naples with Mark. Contrary to popular belief, Naples does actually have some charm – just not much. The Galleria Umberto I shopping centre was possibly the most beautiful building we saw.

Galleria Umberto I

The evening activities for the singles included a toga party and Mark and I had both purchased togas online. I think Mark is sending his back. I shall be keeping mine.

Mark looking like a member of the senate

After the toga party I decided to keep it on. Casino in toga, dinner in toga, and then dancing in toga. About a dozen of us remained in our togas so we didn’t look too stupid. Well, maybe a bit. Ok, a lot. Anyway, if I hadn’t worn it I wouldn’t have met Marcia and Patti.

Saturday – Sardinia

I’d never been there before and we docked in Cagliari which is the capital. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. I stepped off with Mark and Terri 2. Cagliari is quite hilly and I wondered if Mark could make it at times. He became a little agitated with me because I didn’t spend long enough in a church to discover the history etc. I’m a skimmer in some places whereas Mark is more invested in knowing the ins and outs.

We walked around some more and saw the various sights, and I made a point of lingering a little longer enabling Mark to learn more about stuff that he was doing to forget by teatime.

Cathedral of Santa Maria

We saw this girl. The human trumpet as she called herself. She would sing a song and do the instrumental part without an instrument. Unique.

The human trumpet

It was Italian night at the singles cocktail party and the best Mark and I could muster was an Italian football shirt.

Then, having lost at poker I thought I’d give keno a go. Lost at that too, but then Marcia and Patti found me and we all headed for the glow party on the top deck. I had a splendid time with them both.

Sunday – Mallorca

After a night of mixed fortunes – fabulous on the top deck at the glow party, less than fabulous in the casino, I decided that I was owed. We weren’t arriving in Mallorca until 12 midday so the casino was open until 11. I had a dabble on the Invaders from the Planet Moolah game. Anyway, I got the Uni-Cow which gave me 400 free games. During those 400 games I probably got another 150 free games. The feature went on for an hour and I won $3400. With only one more night in the casino, it was unlikely that I would give it all back. US citizens have to pay tax on winnings over $1200. I did not have to.

Palma Cathedral

I spent the next two hours on the top deck catching up with Mark. Then I got off the ship and went to meet Laura and Felix for lunch. She had parked 2 miles from the cruise ship so it was a bit of a shlep to find her.

We were docked for a long day so I went out in the evening with my new friends Marcia and Patti – the Orlando Two. We had dinner at Ombu by the cathedral and we had octopus. We were last back on the ship at 10:29. A great evening with two lovely ladies.

Monday – Ibiza

Mark didn’t want any more sun so I went to the beach on my own. I should really think about what I’m wearing at times. I turned up aline in my pink shorts which did look a bit suspect. Of course it would’ve been worse if Mark had been with me.

It was called Cala Llonga about 25 minutes from the port. A beautiful little bay with a nice deep beach and it wasn’t too crowded. I was most contented. I sent the drone up for some aerial photography.

Cala Llonga beach

Back in town I decided on an early dinner at McDonalds. No straw for my Diet Coke! Something to do with turtles. I think turtles are going to become very unpopular.

The evening was Karaoke for the singles group. The first guy murdered Don’t Stop Believing. I was an active spectator. Then to the casino where I cashed in after winning at poker. Patti came and rescued me and we went in search of wine and spent the rest of the evening together. A super lady.

I didn’t dine with the singles group once and only went to half the events. A fabulous cruise and I’m glad Mark did it with me. Mark does like to do it.

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